Welcome to Konaverse - About Konaverse

"Welcome to Konaverse, a conversation experience platform hosted and curated by Konabos Inc.  Konabos is a global technology leader, and while this podcast will be connected by technology, the glue is human stories and narrative.  Technology can bring us together, it can make our lives better and more efficient in myriad ways.  But it cannot replace human discourse and the magic that can happen by the interchange of ideas."

Konaverse was started in late May, 2021 with the intention of facilitating longform conversation with technology professionals, but focusing on how these professionals grew up, their families, and all of the things that make them tick as individuals.  We want to get into the depth of the person.  Often times, at the conclusion of an episode recording, our guests will say "wow, I haven't talked about that in a long time" or even, "I've never talked about some of that stuff."  Our chats are conversational, inquisitive, and wholly dedicated to the interesting lives we have all lived.

The podcast is on-demand audio with Zoom used to facilitate and benefit from gestural queues. Episodes tend to last between 40-60 minutes and we release one episode per week, on Mondays.  The hosts rotate between Konabos team members Akshay Sura, Matthew McQueeny, Anisa Stoli, and Stacey Grant-Lewis.  Konaverse is something that gives us and our team immense joy.  

"Thank you for entering the Konaverse.  We hope these disussions gave you something to think about, helped you learn something new, and provided a window into someone else's story.  Everyone's story is worthy and important.  Until next time, remember: to be kind, be fair, and keep exploring."